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A unique opportunity to go on safari

Did you know that you can fly for a safari from Zanzibar?⁠
For those who would like to take advantage of direct in/out flights to Zanzibar and avoid the hassle of changing airports or logistics of luggage, this is a perfect option.⁠
Fly into Zanzibar, rest from your trip for a few nights, leave your heavy luggage with us and take a quick flight for a luxury safari with your duffle bag (options are even available for one-day, 36h, 48h,...) and come back to enjoy more beach in Zanzibar.⁠ Each of our itinerary packages is tailored to meet the expectations of our guests, but each has one objective in common : to make the safari experience, memorable and something to be cherished forever.

The flights to Selous, Serengeti are short and flexible. Travel with a free mind and enjoy the best of beach and bush with more flexibility.

Talk to your travel agent or contact us for more information.⁠ From 550 USD per person per night.